White asparagus recipes on the web

    White asparagus recipes

    ^White asparagus recipes on the web




    (Top 7 on the web 2012)

    This week I want to give you a short overview of current white asparagus recipes
    that I have found on the web and were interesting to me on first sight.


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    1.”Preparing Fresh White Asparagus ” on Saveur.com. 
    Rating:  🙂

    They present a lovely picture of delicious hot boiling white asparagus bound to a bundle. The description of the how to prepare the white asparagus is quite simple and as far as I can remember they mention all ingredients that are necessary to make a good job with the white asparagus.
    All in all I like that picture and directions in “Preparing Fresh White Asparagus” and that everything seems authentic.



    2. “Austrian White Asparagus with Brown Butter Sauce” on  foodnetwork.com.
    Rating:  😥

    A big deficit is that first thing you see is an annoying popup add that you have to close until you get to the article.
    I can not find any picture of white asparagus preparation. It’s a shame to ruine fresh white asparagus with brioche crumbs.
    To make it short: it’s ok but there are better descriptions like above or below.


    3. “Asparagus With White Sauce Recipe” on ifood.tv.
    Rating:  😥
    Don’t like it.

    4. “White Asparagus” on grouprecipes.com.
    Rating: 😥

    Don’t like it.


    5. “Kurt Gutenbrunner’s White Asparagus Recipe” video on savory.tv.
    Rating: 🙂

    A profound explanation on how to prepare white asparagus.
    Interesting that in Austria white bread is added to the boiling water to reduce the bitterness of the white asparagus.

    6. “Roasted Green and White Asparagus” on epicourious.com.
    Rating 😥
    Don’t like the idea of mixing green and white asparagus.


    7. “How to cook white Asparagus” on bobbinis-kitchen.com 
    Rating: 🙂
    In comparison to the recipes mentioned above we have published a recipe for how we cook white asparagus in Germany.


    My opinion on this weeks white asparagus recipes is:

    At the moment you can find the best directions for preparing white asparagus 

    on saveur.com under the title Preparing fresh white asparagus.

    Moreover this examination of the “top 7 on the web” showed me definetely that there is a major difference between the recipes which are under the top 10 google searching results and their quality. To my taste there are too many soulless recipe databases on the web that seem to collect visitors with the work of amateur cooks who have not the time to run and/or write their own foodblog.

    What is your opinion?
    What is your favourite recipe for white asparagus?
    Feel free to give me feedback.

    Interested in further recipes for white asparagus?
    Click here and check out our recipe for white asparagus soup on german food blog bobbinis-kitchen.com.




    4 Responses to “White asparagus recipes on the web”

    1. Hi! I am Anna Rae Gwarjanski, a writer and photographer for an American international travel magazine, Alpine Living. We’re featuring Spain in our next issue, and one of the stories I’m working on is on Spanish white asparagus. I read on your blog that you have cooked with white asparagus before, and I was hoping you could help me with my story by answering a few questions…

      I know the difference between white and green asparagus is in how it is grown, but how does it taste different?

      Is white asparagus common in any other areas besides the Navarre region of Spain?

      Anything else you would like to add would be helpful as well!

      Thank you,
      Anna Rae

    2. A-Man says:

      Hi Anna Rae!

      well to describe the differences (not easy) in only some words: the green asparagus is much more hearty than the white asparagus. In German – not sure if you can translate this 1:1 – we say the asparagus has a light earthy but unique aroma. This aroma is in case of the white asparagus not so intense. The green asparagus has a harder consistency than the white asparagus.
      To be honest, asparagus from spain has not a very high reputation in our household because of a severe lack of qualitiy.

      Hope that helps you a little bit.
      We are both University students and this blog is just our hobby but we are highly interested in cooking, healthy food etc.

      Have a nice easter!

      You and your questions are alyways welcome on our blog,

      Kristin & Al

    3. David Myles says:

      I rather like a marinade of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper with either fresh (for green asparagus) or roasted garlic (for white). Allow to sit for the day or at least a few hours, then grill or roast. It is in my opinion important to get some brown of the asparagus without turning it to mush so I use at least 425F when roasting.

    4. A-Man says:

      An interesting preparation method for white (and green) asparagus that you describe. We are still waiting for the first fresh white and green asparagus of the year in germany. Long winter…

      I’m curious about how white asparagus tastes with the roasted garlic.

      Thank you for your feedback!

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