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Sunday, October 25th, 2015

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for 8 servings of Reformationsbroetchen you need:

A reformation day pastry


500g all purpose flour
40g yeast
30g sugar
250ml milk
50g margarine
90g raisins
50g almonds, chopped
1 tbsp. candied lemon peel
1 tsp. fresh lemon zest

200g strawberry jam
powdered sugar


Reformationsbroetchen – a traditional german pastry recipe for the 31. of october – Reformation Day

Reformationsbroetchen is a typical pastry that is exclusively served on the 31. of october each year. Especially in the federal states of Saxony and Thuringia this sweet delicacy is availiable short before and after this religious holiday.



1. Weigh out 500g of all purpose flour, 30g of sugar, 50g of margarine, 90g of raisins, 50g of chopped almonds.



Mutzen for the New Year 2015

Thursday, January 1st, 2015

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for 4 servings of Mutzen you need:


250g all purpose flour
250g Quark
4 tbsp. sugar
1 teasp. baking powder
8g vanilla sugar
3 midsize eggs
powdered sugar
cinnamon powder
750ml sunflower oil

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Mutzen are typical for German New Year and german carnival:

(Quark and it’s substitutes.)

1. Fill the Quark in mixing bowl.








Easter bread recipe – Osterlamm

Monday, April 7th, 2014

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for 4 servings of easter bread Osterlamm:

Easter bread recipe - Osterlamm


500g flour, all purpose
100g sugar
220ml milk
47g yeast
a pinch of salt
2 eggs
40g butter


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Easter bread recipe – Osterlamm

Between the several easter recipes that we have in Germany one popular easter delicacy is to prepare an easter bread. Easter bread in Germany is usually prepared out of a soft and puffy yeast dough. In case of we call it Osterlamm (easter lamb) the easter bread is to be shaped like a lamb. Easy to prepare, a delightful decoration for your easter table.


1. Fill the flour in your food processor.

^Easter bread recipe - Osterlamm









Easter recipes on the web

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Easter recipes on the web


(Top 7 on the web, April 2012)

Today I want to give you a short overview of current Easter recipes on the web.
For this purpose I searched by Google the term Easter recipe.


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Onion tart or German Zwiebelkuchen

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

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Recipe Ingredients for 3-4 servings



of onion tart or german Zwiebelkuchen:

for the dough:
250 g flour
100 ml milk

pinch of sugar
1 teasp. of salt

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20 g yeast
20 g sunflower oil

for the filling of the onion tart or Zwiebelkuchen:
500-600 g onions
200 ml cream
250 g curd cheese, light
1 teasp. ground caraway
3 teasp. salt
1-2 teasp. ground pepper
100 g grated gouda cheese
2-3 teasp. chopped parsley



This recipe is dedicated to Susan from and everyone who likes german food!

This baking recipe is a variation of the typical german Zwiebelkuchen or onion tart. Once we had forgotten to buy ham Kristin just left it out.


Preparation of this traditional german onion tarte recipe:

1. Make a soft yeast dough out flour, milk, yeast, sugar, sunflower oil.


Easter bread or yeast bread recipe

Friday, April 16th, 2010

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Easter bread or Yeast breadeaster bread or yeast bread – Osterkranz needs
for 5 to 6 servings the following ingredients:

500 g flour
42 g yeast
200 ml milk
75 g sugar
lemon zest of one midsize lemon
100 g margarine (optional butter)
1 teasp. salt
1 egg white
1 egg yolk
1 tblsp. milk
25 g coarse sugar
25 g chopped almonds

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The Easterbread named Osterkranz is a braided variation of the german classic easter bread. Not only the appearence of this german easter recipe is different but also the ingredients (compare with e.g. Osterlamm). This Easter bread or yeast bread recipe is a classic bakery product that you can buy in every local german bakery over Easter. In our family we prepare it nearly every Easter and enjoy the fresh lemon note the sweet yeast bread has when it is served with fresh butter.

Preparation of easter bread or yeast bread – Osterkranz:

1. Pour flour and sugar in a big mixing bowl. Heat up the milk in a cup in the microwave until it is handwarm. Then dissolve the yeast in the milk.