Spinach cream cheese canneloni

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    Ingredients for 2-3 servings of cannelonis
    1,35 kg cream spinach (frozen)
    150 g cream cheese (optional with herbs)
    Canneloni recipe
    500 g farmer cheese
    20-25 canneloni (dried)
    1 teasp. salt
    0,5 teasp. paprika
    150-200 g grated gouda (cheese)
    1 egg

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    Preparation of the canneloni recipe:
    1. Unfreeze the spinach in a casserole dish and arrange it even on the bottom of the casserole to get a nice structured canneloni casserole.

    2. Flavour the spinach with some salt.

    3. For filling the canneloni: mix farmer cheese, cream cheese, egg, 0,5 teasp. paprika and 1 teasp. salt to a creamy paste.

    4. Fill the paste in a freezer bag and then cut-off an edge of that freezer bag to use it as a low budget icing bag.

    5. Pour the paste in each canneloni and press the filled cannelonis in the spinach.

    Canneloni recipe

    6. When all the cannelonis are filled and  properly encircled with spinach top them with the grated cheese.

    7. Place the casserole in the on 160°C preheated oven for about 45 minutes.

    8. Enjoy this canneloni recipe.

    Canneloni recipe

    This canneloni recipe can be served with:
    red wine
    ginger ale
    light beer

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    3 Responses to “Spinach cream cheese canneloni”

    1. Jenny says:

      Very good idea ! Do you think that it will be good with salmon ? I like eat salmon with spinach.

      Thank for the recipe.

    2. A-Man says:

      That is a delicate idea to combine salmon with this type of pasta!
      We usually prepare salmon with tagliatelle and cream gravy.

      We will definetely check out the canneloni with the fish!
      Thx. Jenny! 🙂

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