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    Ingredients for spaetzle:

    600 g flourSpaetzle
    5 eggs
    50 ml sunflower oil
    300 ml water
    1 tbsp. salt

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    Preparation of spaetzle:

    1. Mix the ingredients to a fine and light fluid dough that can slowly through the holes of the spaetzle maker.

    (Please note: Traditionally the spaetzle dough is to be thin coated on a wooden chopping board and then shredded with a spatula to fine noodles that directly drop into the boiling water)


    2. Prepare a pot with boiling salted water. Let the spaetzle drip in the water.


    3. Skim the the spaetzle when they come to the water surface and drain them well.


    4. Place the spaetzle at a warm place until they are served.

    5. Enjoy your spaetzle!


    Spaetzle can be served with:
    cream sauce with ham

    Spaetzle can be served as sidedish for:
    Beef with horseradish paste

    Rhinonian Sauerbraten

    Saxonian Roulade

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    1. Liz@Cafe Liz says:

      Nice photo tutorial. I’ve never gotten spaetzle to come out so nicely, I must have made the batter too thick.

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