Rice pudding recipe with cinnamon and peaches

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    Rice pudding with cinnamon and peaches


    Makes 5 to 6 servings of this rice pudding recipe.

    Rice pudding recipe ingredients:
    125 g dry rice
    500 ml milk
    30 g sugar
    1/2  pod of vanilla


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    dessert recipe.

    for the cinnamon and sugar powder
    2 teasp. cinnamon powder
    3 teasp. sugar
    6 half peaches, canned


    Do you favor to have a sweet or a hearty breakfast?
    We were at odds with each other about this question but the rice pudding recipe with cinnamon and sugar, with it’s sweet and fruity flavour that we had today was delicious..

    As we stood up today (sunday) we didn’t wanted to go to the bakery to get
    some rolls. This time we decided to prepare a light energizer for an active day.
    So we took a look into our storage cupboard and prepared rice pudding with
    canned peaches.


    Preparation of rice pudding with cinnamon and peaches:

    1. Fill the dry rice in a cooking pot. Warm up the milk in a pot carefully (keep an eye on it!) until it  boils.

    Dry rice for rice pudding in a cooking pot










    2. Scrape out the vanilla bean and add the vanilla pulp to the dry rice.

    Pulp of vanilla added to dry rice









    2. Now adjoin the sugar and milk. 

    Crystal sugar added









    Milk with 1,5% fat added









    3. Bring the mixture to cook one time. Then turn down the temperature and let everything simmer for about 20 minutes.

    Rice pudding simmering









    4. After 20 minutes are over, take the cooking pot from the hot plate, place a lid on it and let the
        rice pudding rest for another 10 minutes.

    5. Seperate the peaches from the juice. Cut the fruits into nice dices.

    Peaches and peach juice









    6. Mix granulated sugar with cinnamon powder in a little cup.

    7. Fill some rice pudding in a soup plate.

    8. Place diced peaches in the middle of the rice pudding. Sprinkle some sugar and cinnamon
        mixture on top of the rice pudding.

    Diced peaches on top of rice pudding









    Sugar cinnamon mixture sprinkled on rice pudding









    9. Have a nice meal and enjoy your rice pudding!



    Rice pudding with cinnamon and peaches


    Rice pudding with cinnamon and peaches can be served with:

    apple sauce
    canned damsons
    canned cherries

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    12 Responses to “Rice pudding recipe with cinnamon and peaches”

    1. Jenny says:

      Very good recipe for vegetarian and the people who like rice (me, me!). Thank you.
      .-= Jenny´s last blog ..Boutique Point G =-.

    2. A-Man says:

      Glad that you like the recipe.
      Thank you for your feedback!

    3. I love rice pudding and this recipe sounds so delicious with the addition of the peaches.
      .-= OysterCulture´s last blog ..Moving Up My Travel List: Syria =-.

    4. A-Man says:

      Thank you for your point of view.
      So long.

    5. Kate says:

      This sounds wonderful. Rice pudding is an all time favorite at our house. Add peaches and cinnamon….yum!
      .-= Kate´s last blog ..Seafood Mold =-.

    6. A-Man says:

      Nice to have you here on bobbinis-kitchen.com.
      Thank you for your feedback!


    7. sweetlife says:

      I just made something similar but with quinoa, I enjoyed it very much, your also sounds delish..

      .-= sweetlife´s last blog ..Happy Cinco De Mayo!!! =-.

    8. A-Man says:

      Interesting to use quinoa. A gluten-free alternative that is certainly nutritive and delicious.
      Thank you for your comment and the idea!

    9. bunkycooks says:

      Rice pudding is one of my favorites and I bet it is delicious with peaches!

    10. A-Man says:

      Welcome on bobbinis-kitchen.com.
      Indeed, the peaches and the rice pudding harmonize..

      Thank you for your statement!

    11. Margot says:

      What a great comforting food… love it.
      .-= Margot´s last blog ..Lunchbox # 73 – In a New Easy LunchBox =-.

    12. A-Man says:

      Yes, it is easy to prepare and really yummy.
      Thank you for your feedback!

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