Pumpkin – Pork medaillons

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    250 g fillet of pork
    400 g pumpkin meat
    100 ml coconut milk
    250 ml vegetable stock
    1 midsize onion

    Click here to get more info about this delicate recipe for fillet of pork.

    Cut the onion in fine dices and stew them in pan. Cut the pork fillet in medallions, flavour them with salt and pepper and roast them gently together with the onion.

    Then take out the meat when it is well done. Cut the pumpkin meat in dices (1cm³) flavour it with salt and  roast it in the same pan.
    Adjoin the vegetable stock and put the medallions back in the pan. Let the ingredients simmer for about 20 minutes with closed lid.
    At the end add the coconut milk let it simmer for another 5 minutes.

    Can be served with:
    boiled rice
    boiled potatoes
    dark bread
    white wine

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