Pumpkin Apple Jam

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    500 g giant pumpkin
    500 g apples
    50 ml apple juice
    juice of one lemon
    0,5 teasp. cinnamon
    500 gĀ  jam sugar 2:1
    100 ml water

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    1. Peel and seed the pumpkin then cut it into dices. Stew the pumpkin in a pot with the water for about 10 minutes and puree it afterwards.

    2. Pit and peel the apples and then rasp them then add them to the pumpkin puree.

    3. Adjoin the lemon juice.

    4. Add jam sugar and cinamon. Boil the mixture for circa 5 minutes.

    5. Wash out some jam jars with hot water to temper them, fill in the hot jam, close the jars with their screw caps and turn them upside down. Let the jars in this position until the jam is cooled down.

    Pumpkin Apple Jam can be served on/with
    white bread
    german yeast dumplings
    easter bread
    or yeast bread

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