Plum cake recipe

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    Plum cake recipe

    Plum cake recipe


    for 4 to 6 servings:
    225 gr. farmer cheese
    4 tbsp. oil
    60 ml milk
    pinch of salt
    180 g sugar
    450 g flour
    1 tbsp. baking powder
    2kg damsons
    or plums

     Click here to get further info on how to prepare plum cake.

    Since the middle of juli 2011 plums are ripe in Germany. We use them every year especially for the preparation of cakes, jellies, chutneys…

    Plums or damsons: Now, what is the right term in english for the fruits that we use in this recipe here?

    On one of the most common websites that we use in Germany at the moment for translating from german into english there are several words that you can find for the german term “Zwetschge“. May we ask you for your advice?

    Now how to prepare our german plum cake ?

    1. Mix farmer cheese with oil, milk, salt and sugar.

    2. Blend the flour with the baking powder.

    3. Now knead everything until it is smooth.

    4. Core the damsons and cut them into half.

    5. Flour the worktop and roll out the dough.

    6. Then put the dough on an oiled baking sheet and put the damsons on it.

    Plum cake








    7. Preheat the fan-oven on 160°C.

    8. Place the baking sheet on the middle position of the oven for about 35 minutes.

    Plum cake recipe


    Now your plum cake can be served with

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    8 Responses to “Plum cake recipe”

    1. Doug87 says:

      I think plums are the fruit you are looking for, although bilberry are also quite popular in tarts, jams and pies. Either would work with your recipe, I think. I have never used farmer’s cheese. Perhaps I should try this recipe!

    2. A-Man says:

      Thank you for the help & the feedback!!
      Have a nice day.

    3. Jenny Gourmandises says:

      Your Plum cake is beautiful! Thanks for the recipe!

    4. yes plums, look tasty. thanks for sharing!!

    5. A-Man says:

      Thank you, Jenny. Are plums also ripe at the moment in Québec?

    6. A-Man says:

      Thank you! You are welcome, Bonnie. What about plums in Texas? Do you cultivate them? Are they ripe?

    7. LunaCafe says:

      Gorgeous! The plums this morning at the local farmers market were stunning, and I bought a few pounds. You have inspired me to make a tart with them. …Susan

    8. A-Man says:

      Thank you. Curious to see photos of your plum tart. A-man

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