Leg of lamb with orzo

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    Leg of lambIngredients for 3-4 servings leg of lamb roast with orzo:
    1kg leg of lamb, deboned
    1 carrot
    2 midsize onions
    1 sprig of rosemary
    1 sprig of sage
    1 sprig of thyme

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    2 cloves garlic
    200 ml meat broth
    1 tbsp. honey 

    500 g orzo
    75 g feta
    125 g crushed tomatoes
    100 ml cream
    1/2 teasp. oregano

    Preparation of roast leg of lamb with orzo:


    1. Chopp the herbs and garlic and stuff  them into the deboned leg of
        a lamb. Optional tie the meat with butcher’s string into accurate form.



    2. Cut the onions and carrott into walnut size

    3. Fry the leg of lamb and vegetables in an greased ovensafe pan
        from all sides.

    4. Now place the pan for about 45 minutes in the on 160°C
        preheated oven.

    5. In the meantime boil the orzo until it is al dente.

    6. Fill the orzo in a casserole and mix in a bowl crushed
        tomatoes, crumbled feta, cream, enough salt and pepper, and

    7. Pour the tomatoe mixture over the orzo and place
        them for 20 minutes in the on 145°C preheated oven.

    8. After 45 minutes in the oven take out the leg of lamb and enwrap it in aluminium foil. Letthe lamb rest for 5
        minutes until you cut the meat in slices. 

       (Optional: make roux out of the juices you kept from frying the leg of lamb.)

    9. Arrange roast leg of lamb with gravy and orzo on a nice plate and serve it.


    Leg of lamb

    Leg of lamb with orzo can be served with:

    white wine
    mineral water

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    2 Responses to “Leg of lamb with orzo”

    1. Jenny says:

      I like Gigot of lamb (very good meat) and you recipe is very interesting. I did not know the orzo. Thank you.
      .-= Jenny´s last blog ..fenouil et concombre au lait de coco =-.

    2. A-Man says:

      Hello Jenny,

      thank you for your feedback!
      Orzo is a verry interesting type of pasta. We got to know it from some greek recipes.
      So long,

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