Kale with sausages or Gruenkohl mit pinkel

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    for 4 servings of kale with sausages or gruenkohl with pinkel

    Gruenkohl with pinkel


    you need:

    800g chopped fresh or canned kale
    4-5 cured, smoked german sausages (Mettwurst)
    400g bacon (from pork belly)
    10g butter

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    Kale with sausages or in german called “Gruenkohl mit Pinkel”:
    Gruenkohl with Pinkel (so called) is a traditional german dish. We use to prepare it in the colder seasons of the year like autumn and winter. Indeed it is a very hearty meal and well-known throughout Germany especially typical for the northern regions where this recipe is even a motive for social events.
    We would like to give you an easy recipe for this kale dish although we are not quite sure if you can buy all ingredients in your homecountry. But as far as we have seen there are several online shops for german products on the web. And kale is cultivated in US, UK, Africa and Asia.

    Like for every other traditional recipe of course, there are a lot of variations on how to prepare the german recipe kale with sausages.

    1. Melt butter in a pot. Add the chopped, washed kale and broil it on medium heat for about 10 minutes.

    Grunkohl with pinkel








    2. After 10 minutes add the Mettwurst. Let everything simmer for another 20 minutes with closed lid. From time to time stir everything well.
    In the meantime you can prepare a sidedish like e.g. fried potatoes. (see step 3)

    Gruenkohl with pinkel









    Mettwurst is a german coarse sausage that is smoked and cured. You can buy this sausage in probably every german supermarkt but there are differences in quality. So if you have the opportunity to buy the sausage from a good butcher you should do so. The sausage gives some of it’s flavor to the kale and is great with some mild mustard.


    3. A typical german side dish for a hearty meal like this type of kale with sausages are fried potatoes. 

    Fried potatoes









    Crusty fried and golden brown with maybe some sweet onions, salt and pepper, fried potatoes are an awesome sidedish.


    4. When the sausages have simmered for approximately 20 minutes add the pieces of bacon and broil kale, sausages and bacon for another 5 minutes with closed lid.

    Gruenkohl with pinkel









    We used a bacon that is called Gelderländer Bauchspeck bacon made of pork belly.


    5. Decorate each dish with some kale, a sausage, a piece of bacon and e.g. some fried potatoes and serve. Maybe add some mild mustard.


    6. Have a nice meal – Enjoy!

    Gruenkohl with pinkel


    Kale with sausages or Gruenkohl mit pinkel can be served with

    mineral water
    red wine



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    2 Responses to “Kale with sausages or Gruenkohl mit pinkel”

    1. Larry Seliger says:

      Hello I am trying to find mettwurst sausage recipes. Could you please help me out.

    2. A-Man says:

      Mettwurst recipe
      Pork belly 250g
      Pork neck 750g
      natural sausage skin (sheep) diameter 18 to 20 mm
      Curing salt: 21g
      pepper, white: 3g
      mustard seeds: 6g
      pimento: 1g
      paprika powder: 1g
      granulated garlic: 0,25g
      ground nutmeg: 0,4g
      ground clove: 0,2g

      Cut the meat in smaller pieces that fit in your meat grinder.
      Put it in the freezer until the meat starts lightly to freeze.
      [Meanwhile water the sausage skin.]
      Meat and spices in a bowl, mix it by hand.
      Pass the mixture through your meat grinder. Granularity 4mm.
      Mix the grind meat mixture again by hand.
      Fill it in the sausage skin.
      Let the sausages dry for 36 hours in a cold place.
      Then the sausages have to be smoked (cold) at about 16 to 26°C.

      You might have to experiment with the ingredients because of possible differences in concentrations and quality of spices and meat.
      Hope this might help you a little bit.
      We would be curious to the see your results.

      Have a nice day!
      Every feedback is welcome.

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