How to open a coconut in Germany

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    Material for opening coconuts:

    big kitchen knife
    sharp pointed smaller knife


    Click the picture to get more info about opening a coconut.



    How to open a coconut:

    1. Hammer with the big knife on the nutshell. Then rotate the coconut a bit. Hammer on it again and again and let the striking points describe a concentric circle around the coconutshell.

    How to open a coconut

    2. Repeat to hammer on the coconut along the concentric circle line until the nutshell cracks open. If the nutshell is dry enough  it will be removable from the pulp.

    How to open a coconut

    3. Remove the nutshell cap.

    4. Cut out a thin segment of the coconut flesh and pour the juice a jar.

    How to open a coconut How to open a coconut

    Advice for opening a coconut: The coconut and the juice can be kept in the fridge.

    Opened coconut can be served with/as:
    asian food
    cool snack



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    2 Responses to “How to open a coconut in Germany”

    1. Jenny says:

      Your article is very funny and very useful too ! Thank you!
      Jenny´s last blog post ..Quiche aux 5 légumes

    2. A-Man says:

      Thank you, Jenny! Glad you like it!
      I remember friends from university who tried to open a coconut with a hammer or drilling machine :-). Creative but not very effective..
      Hope you have nice day!

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