Beef with horseradish paste

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    600 g topside beef
    1 midsize onion
    250g carrots
    4 tbsp. horseradish paste
    enough salt and pepper
    250 ml beef stock
    1oo ml cream

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    enough cornstarch until the gravy becomes thick enough
    lingonberry jam (or cranberry jam) optional
    1 teasp. sunflower oil


    1. Cut the onion into fine dices, cut the cleaned carrots in fine slices and fry both in a deep pan.

    2. Flavour the meat with enough salt and pepper then sear the meat from all sides in the same pan.

    3. Coat the meat thin with the horseradish paste and add the beef stock.

    4. Simmer the ingredients with closed lid on low temperature for about 50 minutes.

    5. Now take out the meat and the vegetables and place it at warm place.

    6. Adjoin cream and enough cornstarch to the juice in the pan ( optional more salt and pepper, horseradish paste).

    7. Cut the meat in fine slices, replace it in the pan with the gravy and let it simmer for another 5 minutes.

    Can be served with:
    SpƤtzle (german noodles)

    boiled potatoes


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