German Strawberry Summer Jam

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    Ingredients for strawberry jam:German Strawberry jam

    500 g strawberries (absolutely fresh)
    500 g  jam sugar 1:1

    4 jam jars (250 ml)

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    Preparation of our german strawberry jam:

    1. Clean the strawberries

    2. Cut the fruits in pieces of a size you like. (We prefer almost whole fruits.)

    3. Fill strawberries and sugar in a pot and let it simmer on medium temperature until the sugar becomes liquid.
    German Strawberry jam

    4. Chop the fruit sugar mixture short with a blender.

    5. Let the mixtue boil for about  3 to 5 minutes.

    6. Fill the jam in the jars, close them each with a lid and turn them upside down on the lids to cool down.

    German Strawberry jam

    7. Enjoy your homemade german strawberry jam !

    German Strawberry jam

    German strawberry jam can be served with:
    fresh german white buttered rolls
    brown bread with butter
    white bread with butter
    Toast with butter

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    6 Responses to “German Strawberry Summer Jam”

    1. Liz@Cafe Liz says:

      How lovely, strawberry season is already over here.
      Liz@Cafe Liz´s last blog post ..Ice limonana — mint lemonade- the drink of the Israeli summer

    2. A-Man says:

      Thank you verry much!!
      Yesterday the cherry harvest in Germany started but you can still buy fresh strawberries.

    3. Velva says:

      Fresh jam made with strawberries is awesome. Love this jam.
      We were recently in France and the cherries were ripe on the trees and seem to be everywhere. Here in Florida we would have not seen such a delight. I could eat cherries till I was drunk. Now, strawberries…Florida produces strawberries and I eat them till I am drunk too.
      Velva´s last blog post ..Watermelon Margarita

    4. A-Man says:

      Hehe :-). Cherries and the trees they grow on have their own charm. Beginning with the smell of the blossoms to the aromtic taste of the fruits.
      Have you ever tasted wild strawberries? Some times of their year we help working in the vineyards where they partly grow.
      One of these little red friends is nearly as aromatic as a handful of the bigger fruits from intensive cultivated plants.
      We just have the cherry harvest in Germany at the moment.

      Will there be any report about your visit to france on your blog?

      Have a nice evening and thank you for your feedback!

    5. Velva says:

      I have never had the pleasure of enjoying wild strawberries. I am going to have to put that on my list of things to eat and enjoy before I die.

      I am hoping to post about my trip to France. My Wordless Wednesday this week will be a photo of the Wheat fields-one of many that we passed in the French countryside. We did a cycling journey through the Loire Valley.

      by the way, Go Germany in the World Cup. Awesome.

    6. A-Man says:

      Already curious about what you will post about France… Great idea to make a cycling tour.
      Thought that a team below the equator would become world champion this time but ….
      Have a nice day!

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