German Kaesekuchen

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    for 4 servings of German Cheesecake you need:

    German Cheesecake

    for the cake base: 
    200g all purpose flour
    100g sugar
    1 tbsp. baking powder 
    8g vanilla sugar 
    1 midsize egg
    75g butter (optional margarine)

    Click here to get further info about this German cheesecake recipe.

    for the stuffing:
    1kg Quark (curd cheese
    150g sugar 
    150ml sunflower oil
    8g vanilla sugar
    2 midsize eggs
    1 tsp. lemon juice
    500ml milk
    40g custard powder

    GermanGerman Kaesekuchen:

    One of the most liked delicacies of German amateur bakery (by the way one of Al’s most favorite cakes until now) is the cheesecake above. You might wonder about the amount of Quark that is used for this cheesecake but the cake is neither to heavy nor to fat. (Quark is a typical German dairy product – if you do not find it in your regional grocery store under the name Quark please read the linked article on Quark and it’s substitutes.)

    Kristin prepared this Kaesekuchen last weekend. It is not a seasonal cake recipe and she usually serves it maybe 2 or 3 times throughout the year. It becomes even better when you let it rest for a night in the fridge. Now enough of blabla… here comes the instruction how to prepare this very best German cheesecake.

    I. Preparation of the cheesecake base:

    1. Mix  – flour with sugar and baking powder in a mixing bowl.





    2. Add vanilla sugar, egg and butter.




    3. Knead the cheesecake base dough until homogeneous. 


    4. Press the dough for the Kaesekuchen base in a buttered springform pan: 3/4 of the dough for the bottom and 1/4 of the dough for the sides of the springform pan – model the sides of the cake base about 3-4cm high. Try to spread the dough 1-2cm thick.




    II. Preparation of the cheesecake stuffing:

    5. Mix Quark with sugar, vanilla sugar, lemon juice, sunflower oil, eggs, milk and custard powder. Meanwhile preheat your oven on 200°C.







    6. Pour the stuffing on the cheesecake base into the springform pan. Bake the cake for about 65 minutes.


    If the Kaesekuchen becomes to dark on top cover it with a sheet of aluminum foil. Don’t worry – the stuffing may seem too fluid but it is not and will become solid.


    7. Let the cake cool down. Afterwards powder the cake with powdered sugar.


    8. Have a nice meal!


    German Kaesekuchen can be served with
    clotted cream
    hot chocolate


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    1. jenny says:

      Great recipe! I choose a black tea with your cake. 😉

    2. A-Man says:

      Thank you, Jenny! You are welcome.. 🙂

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