German cherry pie aka Kirschenmichel

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    Ingredients for 3-4 servings of German cherry pie aka Kirschenmichel
    this cherry pie recipe:

    500 g sweet cherries (canned or fresh)
    150 g farina (out of soft wheat)
    2 eggs

    250 ml milk

    0,5 teasp. oil of bitter almonds

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    1 vanilla pod
    60 g butter
    125 g sugar
    125 g flour
    3 tbsp. baking powder

    Preparation of the german cherry pie recipe:

    1. Mix sugar, butter, pulp of a vanilla pod, eggs and the oil of bitter almonds in a mixing bowl until the substance becomes a little bit foamy.

    2. Now fold in the farina.

    3. Blend the flour with the baking powder.

    4. Add rotational the flour mixture and the milk to the farina mixture.

    5. Fold in the cherries (without stones).

    6. Fill the dough in a greased baking pan and place it for about an hour in the on 160° C preheated oven.

    7. Serve the warm or cold german cherry pie aka Kirschenmichel.

    German cherry pie aka KirschenmichelGerman cherry pie aka Kirschenmichel


    Dedicated to everyone who loves cherries! 🙂

    German cherry pie aka Kirschenmichel

    German cherry pie aka Kirschenmichel can be served with:
    vanilla blancmange

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    7 Responses to “German cherry pie aka Kirschenmichel”

    1. Liz@Cafe Liz says:

      Lovely, I like how simple it looks. I’m sure you had a great time eating it!
      Liz@Cafe Liz´s last blog post ..The cupcake craze

    2. Velva says:

      All that is needed to enjoy this cherry cake is a good cup of coffee. Awesome!
      Velva´s last blog post ..Mixed-Berry Shortcakes with Vanilla Whipped Cream

    3. A-Man says:

      Thank you for your feedback!

    4. Jenny says:

      Thank for the dedicat, because I love cherries!
      Jenny´s last blog post ..Pic Amour

    5. A-Man says:

      You are always welcome Jenny!

    6. Patricia Turo says:

      Lived in Germany for awhile and just love all the wonderful desserts. I’ll be looking to find some great recipes. I’ve been looking for a cherry cake and this one looks great.


    7. A-Man says:

      Thank you! You are welcome!
      We like the recipes that you present in your blog and recognized that cooking is a real passion for you.
      Have a nice day!

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