Easter recipes on the web

    Easter recipes on the web


    (Top 7 on the web, April 2012)

    Today I want to give you a short overview of current Easter recipes on the web.
    For this purpose I searched by Google the term Easter recipe.


    Click here to jump to my final results for the best Easter recipes on the web!



    1."Easter Recipes" on allrecipes.com.
    Rating: 🙂

    In the Easter recipes section of allrecipes.com the delicious photos of the several Easter meals caught my attention at first. They have a recipe of the day (today it is Apricot Brown Sugar Ham). There are also a lot of other Easter cooking related sections like Easter Dinner Recipes, Easter Bread Recipes, Easy Easter Brunch Recipes, Easter Desserts.
    All in all I like to stumble through this collection of private Easter recipes.



    2. "Easter recipes" on familyfun.go.com.
    Rating: 😥

    Just a commercial monotonous recipe disaster.


    3. "Easter-Recipes" on tasteofhome.com.
    Rating: 😥
    Artificial! Don’t like it.

    4. "Celebrate Easter" on foodnetwork.com.
    Rating: 😥

    Don’t like it.


    5. "Easter Dessert Recipes" on marthastewart.com.
    Rating: 🙂

    Today Strawberry-Passion Fruit Pavlova is the recipe of the day. I like the ingredients and the picture of this dessert although that blog is very commercial.


    6. "Easter Dinner Menus and Recipes" on recipelink.com.
    Rating 😥
    Don’t like it.


    7. "Easter Recipes" on bobbinis-kitchen.com
    Rating: 🙂

    What we prepare on Easter e.g. Easter bread, rhubarb cake, Easter lamb...


    My opinion on this weeks Easter recipes is:

    This week you can find the best Easter recipes

    on allrecipes.com  in the section Easter recipes.

    This survey of the "top 7 on the web" revealed another time that there are too much high commercial low quality Easter recipes available. Please foodbloggers post more delicious Easter recipes for the next Easter in 2013!!

    What is your favorite recipe for Easter?
    What is your opinion?



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    1. velva says:

      Thanks for sharing this with us. Happy Easter to you!


    2. A-Man says:

      Thank you, Velva. Hope you have a Happy Easter, too!!!

    3. Jenny says:

      I love it! I want this for my breakfast!

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