Black forest cake

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    Ingredients for black forest cake – (modified without alcohol): Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte
    6 eggs, seperated
    250 g sugar
    6 tbsp. hot water
    200 g flour
    75 g cornstarch
    50 g cocoa powder
    2 teasp. baking powder

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    Filling & garniture for black forest cake:
    450 g canned sour cherry
    25 g cornstarch
    800 g cream
    5 g whipped cream stabilizer (optional)
    1 tbsp. sugar
    20 g grated whole milk chocolate
    100 ml cherry juice (out of the can)
    (Attention: The traditional recipe is with kirschwasser. We use cherry juice instead.)

    Preparation of black forest cake:

    1. Mix in a big bowl egg yolks, water and sugar until they become a creamy dough.
    Black forest cake
    2. Fill flour in another mixing bowl and adjoin cornstarch, baking powder and cocoa powder.

    3. Sieve the mixture out of the mixing bowl over the dough in the big bowl.

    4. Now beat the egg white in a mixing bowl until it is stiff and fold it in the dough.

    5. Fill the dough directly in a round springform pan and place it for 30-35 minutes in the on °200C preheated oven.

    6. While the pastry case is baking slowly turn down the temperature until it reaches 150°C at the end of the baking time. Afterwards let the baked pastry case cool down.

    Filling & garniture:

    7. Seperate the sour cherries from their juice. Fill the juice in a pot, mix it with the cornstarch and boil it until the mixture becomes thicker.

    8. Place the nicest 16-20 sour cherries in an extra cup and adjoin the rest of them to the cherry pudding.

    9. Cut the baked pastry case two times horizontal with a long sharp knife.

    10. Sprinkle the lowermost part of the baked pastry case with some cherry juice, then top it with the cherry pudding and let the first black forest cake segment cool down.

    Black forest cake
    11. Beat the cream with sugar and optional whipped cream stabilizer until it is stiff.

    Black forest cake

    12. Coat the first black forest cake segment on top of the cherry pudding thin with the cream and place the next black forest cake segment on top. Press this second segment a little in the creamtopping.

    Black forest cake Black forest cake

    13. Sprinkle the second black forest cake segment with cherry juice and coat it with 50% of the rest of the cream.

    Black forest cake Black forest cake

    13. Place the last black forest cake segment on top and press it a little in the cream.

    14. Apply the rest of the cream all around the whole black forest cake.
    Black forest cake

    15. Sprinkle the black forest cake with the grated chocolate and place the 16-20 nicest cherries on top.

    Black forest cake

    16. Enjoy your black forest cake with family and/or friends.

    Black forest cake
    Black forest cake can be served with:
    latte macchiato
    hot chocolate

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