Beef Roulades

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    Stuffed beef roulades for 2-3 persons:

    Beef Roulades with dumplings and gravy


    main dish stuffed beef roulades:
    1 tbsp. oil
    salt and pepper optional
    4 slices of bacon
    4 beef roulades
    4 tbsp. mustard
    8 small gherkins
    100ml cream
    400ml beef broth

    Click here to get further info on how to prepare delicious beef roulades.


    Preparation of the stuffed beef roulades:
    1. Wash the roulades and then dry them with kitchen paper. Flavor the meat with salt and pepper then apply mustard.


    2. Cut the gherkin into fine slices.

    Beef Roulade with ingredients









    3. Now place one slice of bacon on the meet and 3 slices gherkin on the upper thrid of the roulade on top of the bacon.Start to roll the roulade from the gherkin side and then fix the roulade with woodden toothpick. The same procedure with all the other roulades.

    Beef Roulade with mustard







    Beef Roulades with mustard







    Beef Roulade with bacon








    Beef Roulade rolled up







    Beef Roulade with pickled gherkin







    Beef roulade fixed with a toothstick















    4. Oil a pan and put the rolled roulades into it. Cut the carrot and the onion into four pieces (only for the flavor).

    Beef Roulades in a pan








    5.  Roast the roulades from every side.

    Browned Beef Roulades








    6. Add broth, put a lid on the pan and simmer the roulades on middle temperature for 1 1/2 hours.

    Beef Roulades with broth









    7. Prepare dumplings and simmer them until they are done. 

     8. After 1 hour and 20 minutes remove the roulades and vegetables from the pan. Add cream and optional starch flour to the broth.

     9. Replace the beef roulades into the sauce filled pan for ten minutes.

    10. Garnish a stuffed beef roulade, one or two dumplings with enough gravy on a dish and serve it.

    11. Have a nice meal!

    Beef Roulades


    Stuffed beef roulades can be served with:
    boiled carrots

    red wine
    dark beer

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    1. Velva says:

      This is a perfect German dinner to enjoy on a cold Winter night. Very nice!

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