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A recipe for Chicken skewers

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

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Chicken on stick fried with salad


for 4 servings of chicken skewers you need:

500g chicken breast
150g flour, all purpose
150g breadcrumbs
2 eggs
wooden sticks (10-15cm long, enough)


Click here to get further info on how to prepare crispy chicken skewers.

Breaded chicken skewers are a beautiful preparation method for chicken. Not like a whole chicken or e.g. chicken drum sticks you do not have anything to sort out like many bones. Just grab a wooden stick with the chicken breaded breast filet on it and dip in a sauce like sweet and sour sauce, ketchup or similar. Afterwards lay away the empty stick and grab another chicken skewer dip it in sauce…

Recipe for chicken skewers:

1. Take 3 soup bowls fill one with flour, one with beaten egg and another with breadcrumbs. Additionally keep a plate (e.g.) at hand where to place the breaded chicken sticks.

Chicken on a stick with salad



Adjoin salt to the beaten egg.