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Roast Goose

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

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Roast Goose with dumplings, chestnuts, apricots, apples and gravy

Crispy Goose breast


for 2 servings:

1kg goose breast (e.g. frozen)
200g chestnuts, peeled
1-2 apples, midsize and sweet
100g apricots, dried
400ml broth

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Roast Goose is a delicious way how to cook goose. Have you thought of goose as a turkey alternative ?

Especially in the colder days of the year hearty recipes are being cooked in traditional german households. Especially for christmas cooking goose has a long tradition in a lot of german familys. But even in autumn goose recipes are typically prepared like on St. Martin’s day e.g.
As we will show you in the following directions it is not necessary cooking a goose (whole) but even easier to try roasting goose breast. We use frosted goose breast that we started to defrost the day before.

Now how to prepare this roast goose?


1. Wash the goose breast with cold water and pat it dry with some paper towels. Fill chestnuts, dried apricots and peeled apple slices in a casserole dish of about 30cm length, 15cm width and 4cm height. Place the goose breast on top.